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Wheel Thrown Pottery
Wheel Thrown Pottery

                                                  Creative Pottery


     “Although I create many traditional pots, I embellish most with surface decoration, sculpture or carving.  Almost all of my pottery is thrown on the wheel, and my most often used motifs are mermaids, dragons, giraffes and cats.  My pieces are carved or cut out when the trimmed pots are leather hard. Except for the extremely cut - out works, all of the pottery is functional. Glazing is a little more complicated on sculpted and carved - out works and often requires wiping, waxing, and multiple brushings .”


       Originally from Pennsylvania, Ms. Blunt received her Bachelors Degree in Art Education from Penn State University, and her Masters Degree in Art Education from Pratt Institute.  A secondary school art teacher for more than 38 years, she has taught and worked in multiple media, predominately acrylic painting and watercolors.  Her painting is done at her home studio in Queens, New York and her pottery for the last 40 years has been  created at the Potter’s Wheel in Kew Gardens. She is currently working on her pottery at the Brickhouse in Long Island City.


      Sheila Blunt is on the board at The National Art League in Douglaston, New York as education coordinator.  Ms. Blunt has exhibited in the Cork Gallery, Lever House and the Federal Hall Museum in Manhattan.  She was also the president of the Alliance Of Queens Artists for four years and curator of many of their gallery shows. She has exhibited at the Great Neck ,Syosset, and Jericho libraries and in galleries in Port Washington and Huntington, and B.J. Spoke. She is an award winning participant in many outdoor and indoor fine arts and crafts shows, including the Long Beach, Columbus Ave. and Westhampton shows.  She has been a long time participant and award winner for the Rotational Art Exhibit Program in Oyster Bay, exhibiting in many libraries, including, Bethpage and Plainedge, Ms. Blunts's work can also be seen at the Barnes Gallery in Garden City, and Gallery North in Setauket  as well as the gift shop in Flushing Town Hall.

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Sheila Blunts newest endeavor is to collect paintings from fellow artists to donate to organizations that serve the poor.  She has given several of her own paintings to the Metro homeless shelter with the object to give clients an original painting when they transition to their own apartments. She is also working with the River Fund to distribute paintings through their programs.

Here are two links to publicity received for the "painting giveaway "

Wheel Thrown Pottery
Wheel Thrown Pottery


Artist and Teacher



Mermaids, Dragons and Giraffes

Wheel Thrown Pottery
Wheel Thrown Pottery

Sheila Blunt

is a painter and potter from Queens, New York whose ceramic work is characterized by sculpture, carving and other surface decoration.

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